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Bedroom and Daily Living Aids

Child using the vaunn medical deluxe overbed table

Perhaps you prefer to work with your laptop or simply enjoy your breakfast while in bed. If so, the Vaunn medical overbed bedside table is the perfect solution. It is the top selling overbed table in hospitals and clinics providing long lasting stability and easy maneuverability to its users.

The overbed bedside table rises and lowers easily, requiring the slightest of upward pressure, making it user friendly for all ages and needs. Once your desired height is reached, the table top locks firmly and safely into place. The swivel casters make it extremely lightweight and comfortable to move from one position or room to the next.

The laminated surface is textured, making it difficult for items to slide off your table. You'll fully appreciate the enormous support and utility this table offers you. If you seek durability and reliability, the ideal solution you've been searching for is the Vaunn medical overbed bedside table.

Medical Overbed Bedside Table with Wheels (Open Box, Warehouse Deals)

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