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Brands - Beyond Med Shop

Beyond Med Shop is the official distributor of several major brands, including Vaunn Medical, Zacurate and Cloud Air.


How did we get our start?
Back then, as a distributor in home medical equipment, we were frustrated by many inferior products that fail to meet our patients’ needs. We wanted quality products to fit their lives. Vaunn is our answer.

What makes our products unique?
Vaunn is your distinctive badge for Quality and Integrity in the medical field. We focused on premium material, superior design and workmanship. We tested each product rigorously to meet and exceed safety standards.

Why do we love what we do?
We are proud to produce high quality products, not cheap knockoffs. Our products will stand the test of time. We made them for ourselves and our loved ones. So we will only offer the best.


Zacurate is an in-house brands created to differentiate our products from the generic, cheaply made pulse oximeters. It is now one of the most popular brand of digital pulse oximeters on the market.


To manufacture world class pulse oximeters that measure blood oxygen saturation levels and other medical equipment suitable for the needs of the users.


Zacurate believes that customer satisfaction is the key to success in business. The company and brand owes its success to feedback collected from hundreds of product testers, tens of thousands of customers and dozens of conducted clinical studies. Customers who purchased from accurate and provided feedback helped to create the most trusted and reliable line of pulse oximeter devices in the market today!


Zacurate manufactures a complete line of pulse oximeters including the 500DL Pro Series Pulse Oximeter, Deluxe Models, devices for children and other medical equipment such as thermometers and heart rate monitors.