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Zacurate® 500E Premium White Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The Zacurate® Premium 500E Pulse Oximeter and blood oxygen saturation monitor is the most accurate pulse oximeter in the market with an accuracy deviation of +/- 1%. With a vastly improved screen (OLED) and sensor (LED), the device provides SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels) and pulse rate measurements even at low blood perfusion.

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very useful for patients, exercise, paramedics, nurses,

anyone can use this, no matter your medical knowledge. It is easy to use, and the information can help patients when at home, to report to doctors (in general).
It is fast & responsive. It is suppose to be better at low perfusion patients to be able to read, but i haven't tested this yet. It is adjustable in brightness, and easy to read. It has 6 different modes to view the screen. Even if you don't know how to use the graph, the pulse oximeter is still very useful. I would recommend this to everyone. This unit does not have sound. I gave one to my mother with heart problems. I gave one to my mother in law with congestive heart failure to measure her oxygen levels. I gave one to my brother in law with atrial fib, to see his heart rate. I use it with my asthma when i exercise or I am sick. Very useful, not just for the medical profession.

great works

Perfect items. works very well for me.

Thomas Knoth
Works well

Quick readout and came with batteries. I appreciate that it uses AAA batteries.

Great little tool.

The Zacurate® 430-DL Pulse Oximeter is d comes with everything you would need including a carrying case. It is accurate when compared to the one my pulmonologist uses. It is very handy and easily fits in your purse. My husband and I both use it often.

M. Montplaisir
Really like this one.

Works great, easy to use and everything needed was in the box. Love that it doesn't pinch the finger like the ones in hospital! The rubber protective cover, the carrying case, and the neck strap being part of the package is a nice touch. Large easy to read output numbers is a plus for my wife, (though I think she has decided this one is her's now).
An all around great product that I would recommend to anyone who is needing an oximeter.