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Vaunn Medical Bathroom Adjustable Toilet Safety Rail and Commode Grab Bar Handle

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Sitting or rising from a commode can be a demanding task for some seniors, physically challenged individuals or those suffering from arthritis and/or recovering from an injury/surgery. The Vaunn Medical Stand-alone Toilet Safety Frame provides a sturdy support; allowing anyone to sit and rise effortlessly from a commode or chair in the bathroom.

Quick Glance at Features

  • STURDY SUPPORT – Durable steel toilet frame provides safe assistance for individuals to sit and stand from toilet.
  • INDEPENDENCE – Allows elderly or individuals with limited mobility and or injuries to use toilet independently.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT PADS – Provides additional friction and support on frame
  • COMFORT & CONVENIENCE – Padded handles offer comfortable grips and for users to rest or support their arms while using toilet. Convenient storage/magazine rack installed on either side. This product is not height adjustable
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Tool-free assembly. Free-standing frame is easy to install around existing toilet. Fits standard round toilet seats only.

About the Product

The Vaunn Medical Stand-Alone Toilet Safety Frame and Commode Rail provides sturdy support for individuals with special needs making their trip to the bathroom a safe one. Elderly or individuals with limited mobility, arthritis, balancing issues, back or knee injuries will be able to use the toilet independently. Its durable, reinforced steel rail offers secured assistance while sitting on, or standing up from the toilet or commode.

Slip-resistant pads at the bottom of the stand also work to provide additional friction and support for users. This free-standing unit is tool-free and easy to assemble around your existing commode (for round standard toilet seats only). Its padded handles provide a comfortable grip and for users to rest their arms while using the toilet. It also comes with a small storage/magazine rack for added convenience.

Legal Disclaimer

Vaunn® is a registered trademark of USPTO. We will actively and aggressively pursue any parties who infringe on our intellectual property rights to the maximum extent allowed by the law. Beware of Imitation, Buy Original.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rail have anything on its feet to prevent it from slipping?

The rail will not slip.

Does it mount to floor, if not what keeps person from tipping forward?

You cannot mount this rail to the floor. The rail is very stable and will keep you from tipping forward.

How wide are the handles?

Width Between Arms: 21". Arm Height: 25.5"

What is the maximum weight capacity?

Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs

Will this work on an RV toilet?


Can this toilet safety rail be used with a raised toilet seat?


Will it fit on elongated/tall(handicap) toilets?

The major difference between an elongated toilet and a regular toilet is about 2"-3". Since this safety rail does not connect to the toilet there's no reason why it wouldn't work with an elongated toilet.

What is the distance from the front of the bottom rail to where the cross rails start?

The distance from the bottom rail to the top is 25.5". The distance from the bottom rail to the crossbar is 19". The distance between the arms is 21" at the top and 26.5" at the bottom.

Are the arms stationary or can they be adjusted for height?

The arms on this toilet safety rail are stationary and cannot go up or down.

Does it work well with an elevated toilet seat?

We cannot say if it will work well with your specific elevated toilet seat as I am not sure which model you have or how high your model toilet is. However,we can tell you that this safety rail has an overall height of 25.5" and that many customers will use this with an elevated toilet. It is recommended that you measure from the floor up to 25.5" and see how much room that allows between the top arm rests and the elevated seat. The average toilet seat height is approximately 15" and with an elevated toilet being an estimated 4" that would make the overall toilet 19" and would still give about 6.5" between the top of the safety rail and the toilet seat.

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