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Vaunn Medical Tilt Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table (Hospital and Home Use)

The Vaunn Medical Deluxe Tilt-Top Overbed Table is practical, easy-to-use and suitable for both home and institutional use. The unique two-part table comes complete with a small stationary section that is ideal for patient's to set their drink and glasses on, while the large portion tilts in infinite positions in either direction.

Quick Glance at Features

HOSPITAL OR HOME USE - Top selling tilt overbed bedside table recommended by doctors for hospital or home use.
LONG LASTING AND SAFE - Powder coated heavy-gauge steel construction and swivel casters with locking mechanism.
FLEXIBLE POSITIONS - Tilt-top allows infinite positions in either direction for added comfort and flexibity.
DUAL TILT - Two-part overbed bedside table that tilts by adjusting the control knob. Stationary small section is ideal for placing beverages/food/glasses and small electronic devices.
HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE -Simply and easy to use height adjustment feature - Table top can be raised between 29 - 41 inches for increased maneuverability.

About the Product

The Vaunn Medical Tilt-Top Overbed Bedside Table is practical, easy-to-use and suitable for home, hospital and institutional use. The unique two-part table, both parts tilt-able by adjusting the control knob that is ideal for patients to set their drink and glasses on, while the large portion tilts in infinite positions in either direction. The table height easily adjusts for comfort while eating, writing or reading and features an attractive wood-grained laminate top that is designed to resist damage. The overbed bedside table is for those with substantial limitation to their mobility and or handicapped that would require support when performing their daily routines i.e. eating, drinking, reading while in bed. The overbed table can also be lowered in height to serve as a wheelchair table.
Overall width at base is 26 ½ inches
Overall table top measurement (L x W): 30" x 15"
Overall small tray section: (L x W) 8" x 15"
Weight capacity: 45 lbs.
Product weight: 26 lbs.

Legal Disclaimer and Warranty

Vaunn Medical® is a registered trademark of USPTO. We will actively and aggressively pursue any parties who infringe on our intellectual property rights to the maximum extent allowed by the law. Beware of Imitation, Buy Original.

This tilt overbed bedside table has a one-year product warranty.

FAQs and Videos

Can the table be adjusted to both sides of the bed?

Yes. You can adjust the table to either side of bed.

Is this table easy to raise or lower?

Yes. It is easy to raise or lower.

How much assembly time is required?

10-15 minutes of quick and simple assembly.

Does the table lock into position?


How much weight can I put on the table?

The table supports up to 45 pounds of dispersed weight.

Customer Reviews

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The table looks real nice but......

My husband is getting out of the hospital and I thought that I would get as much stuff as possible to make him comfortable, so I bought this table. It looks real nice but when I opened the box, it had only one page of instructions.....and it was the 3rd page. Alot of the work to put it together was pretty much a no brainer but I still looked up the instructions and all they had was a video. I think I played it 20 or 30 times before I got some of the specifics done. It said it takes 15 minutes but it took me an hour and what it also doesn't say is you need tools. Luckily my husband was a mechanic so we had alot of tools here, but I am not the one who usually used them so this was a real learning experience!