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Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Adjustable Swivel Shower Bench Chair Stool

Featuring a 360° swivel seat which rotates in unison with your body, the shower stool limits its user from any sudden body movements i.e. twisting, reaching or stretching for towel, bath soap etc. that is likely to cause injuries/strains to your back, arms or shoulders. The smooth, ‘free-flow’ motion of the swivel seat is aligned to the body’s natural movement thereby reducing the risks of strain or injury. Its round base design also makes it ideal for use in small bath tubs or narrow shower stalls.

Quick Glance at Features

ROUND DESIGN & 360° ROTATION - Swivel seat allows easy entry and exit from bathtubs. – The shower stool’s round base is ideal for smaller tubs or shower stalls and provides users a comfortable and safe shower experience.
ADJUSTABLE LEGS – Adjust the height of the shower stool’s legs to fit your needs. Height is adjustable within the range of 13.75’’ to 20.5’’.
ANTI-SLIP RUBBER TIPS – Slip-resistant rubber tips on the legs of the shower stool add safety and stability to your bathing experience.
STRONG FRAME – Anodized Aluminum Frame is rust-resistant and supports up to 250 pounds.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Lightweight shower stool can be easily transported from one place to another.

About the Product

This round swivel shower stool is ideal for smaller tubs or showers stalls and rotates 360 degrees. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty 1" anodized aluminum tubing for years of dependable use. The large molded seat and slip resistant rubber tips on the legs add safety and stability.
Seat Diameter: 13"
Adjustable Height: 13.45-20"
Product Weight: 4lbs
Max User Weight: 250lbs

Legal Disclaimer and Warranty

Vaunn Medical® is a registered trademark of USPTO. We will actively and aggressively pursue any parties who infringe on our intellectual property rights to the maximum extent allowed by the law. Beware of Imitation, Buy Original.

This rotating shower tub stool has a one-year product warranty.

FAQs and Videos

What is the width of shower tub stool?

13 inches.

How much does the shower tub stool weigh?

Please note that the Vaunn Medical Swivel Shower Tub Stool weighs about 4 lbs.

What is the shower tub stool's weight capacity?

The weight limit is 250 pounds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Charles Trotti
does the blue swivel come off so you can clean underneath it?

does the blue swivel come off so you can clean underneath it?

Antoinette Abdo-Whelpton
Great Shower Chair & Great Service

First, I want to say that I love my blue swivel shower chair. It has served me well since I purchased it over two years ago. I telephoned customer service a little over a week ago stating I needed a new blue rubber foot for the chair leg, due to wear. Yes, I needed to purchase a set of 4 for a total of $11.40; but that was fine with me having extra on hand. The woman that helped me was amazing. Her first name was Tina and she was so very helpful with every step of the way!

Krisitna Viviano
swivel shower stool

It was great and came on time .Unfortunaly it is missing the center screw .the blue one.So I am using the stool and the seat falls off. Very un safe.
Please send me the piece I am missing . thank you .I got this product because they had one in the hospital PT room .I really need the part .Thank yoou very much for your help.

Page T Shanklin
No Legs

Rec'd stool today. Packager was great but in putting it together inserting screws with lock washer and plastic washer into upper legs and seat al ittle difficult. But kicker is I only got one lower leg not four. still trying to contact but it says item not available for return