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Zacurate 500E Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Monitor

The Zacurate Premium 500E Pulse Oximeter and blood oxygen saturation monitor is the most accurate pulse oximeter in the market with an accuracy deviation of +/- 1%. With a vastly improved screen (OLED) and sensor (LED), the device provides SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels) and pulse rate measurements even at low blood perfusion.

Customer Reviews

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Great device

Great for respiratory therapy or anyone who is wanting to know their O2 saturation and pulse. Quick response time and accurate. Good product for the price!


total crap design the light sensor is upside down in the unit, and not at the top to access your finger nail its on the bottom so you have to turn your hand upside down and the pulse readings is erratic and o2 sats lower than others I matched it with , typical Chinese junk, going back to amazon

Philip in Los Angeles
Handy and works well

I’ve been dealing with some cardiology issues for the last several years; therefore, I have several of these pulse oximeters (from different manufacturers). I think it’s also a good idea to keep an extra one in your car as well.

I recently received the Zacurate Finger Pulse Oximeter (model 430/DL). It is well made, and appears to be accurate (I measured against my other pulse oximeters). What’s also nice is that the compartment where you insert your finger is very comfortable (more so than other brands). Also, a good value as the price includes a rubber cover case, a lanyard, as well as a sturdy nylon travel case.

However, I’m only able to give the product 4 stars overall because of two issues ; while you can easily change the display format of your pulse and oxygen levels into six different formats, the unit doesn’t “memorize” the last format display you set, therefore, when you use it again, you have to toggle back to your display preference (if it happens to not be the default display mode). And second, the unit, as advertised on the manufacturer’s website, state’s that it is accurate to within +/- 1%, however, the literature received with the product still states it is accurate to within +/- 2%. I spoke with the seller on this, and they stated they are in the process of updating the language in their literature but that the product is accurate to within +/- 1%. With this said, all in all, I recommend the product with 4 stars.

Cynthia Hutchins
Excellent product

Accurate readings. Sturdy construction. I use it as a home health nurse. It is reliable. The price is good too!

Andrew Butler
Excellent Value!

Excellent value for the price! It comes with a silicone sleeve, lanyard, and a very nice carrying case. Allows you to change the display layout and that's awesome. Seems to be well constructed, and I imagine that it will last a long time. Would absolutely recommend!