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Zacurate 500DL Pro Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Royal Purple)

Now you can accurately and reliably determine your SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels), Pulse Rate and Pulse Strength. Designed for sports enthusiasts, aviators, trainers, bikers, mountain climbers or anyone who wants to obtain their SpO2 on the go!

Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Terms and conditions apply. Please note that all Zacurate products come with a one year warranty when purchased from authorized dealers. Current authorized dealers are “”, "Vaunn Medical" and “Beyond Med Shop”. Warranty claims will not be honored if products were purchased from unauthorized dealers.

Customer Reviews

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Jim Mullins
A Nice Change

I am a 76-year-old man, very prone to bronchitis. On three occasions in the past three years, episodes of bronchitis have evolved into pneumonia and hospitalization. Doctors have told me that it is important, when I have bronchitis, that I regularly monitor my blood oxygen which can decline quickly if pneumonia develops. On one occasion, I was found unconscious on the floor by EMTs who were responding to a friend's call.

When my old pulse/blood oxygen monitor died a few months ago, a friend recommended that I replace it with the Zacurate® 500DL Pro Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. I'm really glad that I followed his suggestion.

First, the colors. My old blood oxygen monitor was a dull black with a single-color red display that I sometimes found difficult to read. The 500DL is a very snappy purple and black - much easier to find when you are looking for it - and the OLED screen boasts a bright, multi-color display. which I find very easy to read. Its small size allows me to carry it around in my pocket, or wear it on the lanyard that comes with it.

It is easy to take a reading: just put it on to your finger and press the button. I have checked the 500DL against other blood oxygen and pulse meters devices and find that it is very accurate. The unit comes with 2 AAA batteries and is ready to use right out of the box.

Cathie Keeler
Very easy to use

Product directions are very easy to read, 38 page booklet. You can change the screen to make the numbers easier to see. Has a battery indicator to let you know when you need to replace the 2 AAA batteries. Fits nicely on fingers. Did reading on both hands and had the same readings. I used on treadmill to see that I was getting my heart rate to the burning calorie stage. Shuts off very quickly after finger is out so you do not waste batteries.


I'm a home health nurse and an absolute lover of all things purple, like seriously I will purchase anything purple it's crazy, so this pulse oximeter is perfect for me. To test accuracy, I have checked pulse rates of myself and numerous patients with the oximeter then manually and it's pretty spot on. Easy enough for anyone to use and read with a big display and layout that can be changed. It even has a protective cover and lanyard for added convenience. I personally would like it to be a little lighter though but other than that it's great and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a top quality pulse oximeter.

great addition

i am an emt and i love having this in my personal medical kit.
i really like this version, and its purple so i don't have to worry about people taking it.:)

Frank Scanlan

I have the 500D Purple Oximeter and it is great. The display is really appealing as you can choose from 6 different orientations by simply pressing the function (on/off) button. The OLED display is much easier to read than the LED display models..