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Shower Chairs and Stools: Models, How to Use and Buy, How it Works

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Med Shop and Beyond defines shower chairs are the safest method to shower for persons that may be impaired or disabled. These are shower seats specifically made to make bathroom activities safer. 

We also define shower or tub stools as an item with the means to get in the bathtub safely. They can also be used inside the bathtub.

The eva medical foot step stool is another great item for use around your home! The EVA Medical Foot Stool is made of triple-layered chrome-plated heavy duty steel construction offering ultimate stability & lifetime durability to our users.


The eva medical shower chairs have handles you can use to hang on while taking a bath. The chair is not slippery even though it's surrounded by running water. The user feels safe and comfortable while performing this task.

Shower tub stools work in a similar manner but have no handle to hold on to and therefore it is best recommended to use them to get inside the bathtub (place outside bathtub) and use shower seats and chairs inside the bathtub instead.

The EVA Medical Foot Stool is designed with one concept in mind "STABILITY". Our foot stool offers maximum stability and durability like no others in the market. Purchase our product with confidence. We offer a full refund to your purchase if you feel that our product is inferior. Our lifetime warranty also guarantees our step stool to last forever and rust free too.


The Eva Medical Deluxe Spa Shower Chair offers a comfortable and safe solution to any fall-risk individuals or seniors who have problems standing while showering. Constructed of strong 1" anodized aluminium frame with angled legs and non skid rubber tips, this shower chair is both sturdy and durable. Its wide, contoured anti-bacterial polystyrene seat offers good support and hygiene for individual during use.

The round shower/tub stool is ideal for smaller tubs or shower stalls. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty 1" anodized aluminum tubing for years of dependable use. The large molded seat and slip resistant rubber tips on the legs add safety and stability.

Our eva medical foot step stool voted the Number 1 durable foot stool by doctors and professionals. Thanks to feedback from our customers, the EVA Medical Foot Stool now comes with a larger leg diameter (1/4 inch thicker than standard step stool in the market) for the extra stability. It's non-skid ribbed rubber platform and reinforced rubber feet also provides additional traction and security on any floor surfaces. Our high quality triple-layered chromium plating ensure that our product stays rust-free forever.


There are numerous models in the market but the eva medical shower chair, foot step stools and shower tub stool are truly great for use at home and in the bathroom. 

Med Shop and Beyond offers the following models:

Eva Medical Deluxe Bath Bench with Adjustable Legs (Bathroom Essentials)

Eva Medical Foot Step Stool with Chrome Frame - (With handle and Without handle)

Tool-free Spa Bath Tub Bathtub Shower Seat Bench - (With arms and Without arms)

These models are eva medical They are not to be confused with other models in the market. These models do not have wheels.


The eva medical shower chairs and tub stools at medshop average a solid rating of 4.9/5. 

Shower Chair: 

  • Deluxe Spa Shower Chair provides a safe solution to fall-risk individuals and those who are unable to stand while showering
  • Chair legs are height adjustable to meet the needs of most users - Angled legs with non-skid rubber tips provide stability and safety
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and corrosion proof
  • Drainage holes in seat reduce water accumulation and slipping
  • Tool free assembly. Easy to assemble and use.

Shower Tub Stool: 

  • Round shower stool is ideal for smaller tubs or shower stalls
  • Constructed of strong 1" anodized, aluminum tubing
  • Rust-resistant
  • Large molded polystyrene seat
  • Mar-resistant rubber tips for added safety and stability

Foot Stool:

  • LIFETIME DURABILITY - Triple-layered chrome-plated heavy duty steel construction offers ultimate stability & lifetime durability. The No.1 Durable Footstool compared to standard steel or plastic stool
  • RUST RESISTANT - High quality triple-layered chromium plating ensure product stays rust-free lifetime
  • SAFE - Non-skid ribbed rubber platform and reinforced rubber feet provide traction and security on any floor surfaces
  • WIDER LEGS - Legs Diameters are made 1/4 inch thicker than standard foot stool in the market for increased stability
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED - Hassle free, no tools required


Simply browse through our website and locate the shower chair, tub stool, or foot stool that fits your needs. 

Add the item to your cart, fill out the necessary information, and the item will be shipped to you. Our shipping and delivery speed is extremely fast and one of the best in the market. You should receive your items within 3 business days and shipping is absolutely free unless you want the order expedited.

Med shop overbed tables are not sold at walgreens, CVS, walmart, target, k-mart, Costco, medshop pharmacy, medical supply stores, med shop plus or, sports authority, and dick's sporting goods. These units are only sold on and


Offers stability, comfort and tool-less assembly in seconds. Shower chairs are designed for individuals who require seating support when bathing or showering and provide comfort and safety in the bathtub. Available with a composite or vinyl padded seat, shower chairs fit in most standard tubs and showers.

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