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Pulse Oximeters: Models, Definition, How to Use, How to Buy

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We define a pulse oximeter as a medical device intended to measure your body's SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), blood flow and/or pulse rate. 

How to Use:

Using a pulse oximeter is convenient, simple and easy. Simply place your finger inside the medical grade silicon chamber and the unit will provide an accurate reading within a few seconds.

How it Works:

The pulse oximeter works at low blood perfusion. Accuracy falls within +/- 2%. The market and industry "standard" for pulse oximeters is 3-4 percent making our Acc U Rate brand pulse oximeters the most accurate, trusted, and reliable devices in the market.

Using a technologically advanced sensor, the pulse oximeter will measure your heart rate and blood flow levels and present the results on a quality LCD screen. 


There are numerous models in the market but these models' accuracy tends to fall within 3, 4 and sometimes 5 percent accuracy which yields inaccurate results and may not be as reliable as one would think.

CMS 500 models work the best. In fact, CMS 500 models are currently ranked on's highest rated and best sellers' list. The mystic black CMS 500DL Pro Series pulse oximeter is in the top spot. The blushing pink CMS 500DL Pro Series pulse oximeter is number 2 on the list.

There are also the deluxe models, CMS 500D, in four beautiful colors mystic black, blushing pink, sapphire blue, and royal purple. The CMS 430DL takes the crown as the most accurate pulse oximeter in the market today with an accuracy range of +/- 1% or less. And finally we have the Acc U Rate pediatric pulse oximeter which is for kids or people with small fingers.

There is also the newest model and brand added. Zacurate 500DL!

Accuracy is important and we have found that these CMS 500 models are the best. They are more accurate than models such as md300, cms model 60, cms 50DL, heal force 100, nonin 8500 and nonin models, jpd 500, m50, n65, n550, n595 and other n models, santa medical models, sm-110, contec and contec medical systems models, 600x, etc.


Reviews for the CMS 500 models are excellent overall and easily prove they are the top pulse oximeters in the market. Most of the reviews for these units are found amazon and on med shop, however, the pulse oximeters are only sold on Med Shop and Beyond (, eBay and on You can check out the med shop amazon storefront by clicking here.

How to Buy the Pulse Oximeter:

Simply browse through our website and locate the pulse oximeter that fits your needs. Want the most advanced model and the only model that features an alarm? Add to cart the CMS 500D. Want the most accurate model? Choose the CMS 430DL. Want a pulse oximeter for a child? Pick our children's digital pulse oximeter. Want the top ranked and top rated pulse oximeter on Pick our CMS 500DL units.

Simply add the items to your cart, fill out the necessary information, and the item will be shipped to you. Our shipping and delivery speed is extremely fast and one of the best in the market. You should receive your items within 3 business days and shipping is absolutely free unless you want the order expedited.

These pulse oximeter models are not sold at walgreens, CVS, walmart, Costco, medshop pharmacy, medical supply stores, med shop plus or These units are only sold on eBay, and

Other information:

The pulse oximeter is not an etiration of fitbit models, however, this is incorrect. Fitbits are different models that serve a different purpose from pulse oximeters from an overall standpoint. Instructions and directions to use the model are found in the cms 500 instruction manuals. There are no apps currently linking the pulse oximeters to Android phones or iOS iPhones and iPads. These are not intended to be used in the ear. They are heart rate monitors for those with sleep apnea but this is not specific to this limitation. Pulse oximeters can be used by any person and they range in price from $20 to $500 which is what hospital equipment costs to provide the same information and data. Battery life for most of the CMS 500 models range between 30-40 hours. The pulse oximeters come with AAA batteries, lanyard, and silicone cover, but you can always buy the protective case to use while being outdoors exercising or performing other outdoor activities.

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