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Pedal Exerciser: Models, Definition, How it Works, How to use and Buy

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Med Shop and Beyond defines a pedal exerciser as a small machine intended for light cardiovascular activities and exercise in order to tone arms and legs muscles, stay fit, or lose weight.

How to Use:

To use the Eva Medical pedal exerciser correctly you must place it on the ground or on top of a desk or table. The next step to is to gently insert your feet or hands inside each pedal and begin the exercising process. You can pedal both ways, both forward and backward. You should be on the ground or in a seated position. Do not stand on top of the pedal exerciser to perform the activities.

How it Works:

The eva medical pedal exercisers provide excellent mobility for those people that may have had surgery, been in a car accident, or may be impaired or disabled. It is also intended to be used at home, at work, and anywhere. Its portable and lightweight design allow it to be carried anywhere you would like. Pedaling helps tone arms and legs muscles and if activities are performed consistently, may help you lose weight. Many ask does the pedal exerciser work? The answer is yes! The adjustable tension knob adds resistance which increases the intensity of your workout thus provided legitimate exercise to parts of your body.


There are numerous models in the market but these pedal exerciser from Eva Medical are very good. First, we have the digital display eva medical pedal exerciser which provides information during your exercise on the digital display attached to the product. The other model is the top rated pedal exerciser without a digital display. This is a customer favorite among the two models. Both come fully assembled but only the digital display pedal exerciser can be folded and stored away in small spaces. The regular pedal exerciser is still small enough that folding is not necessary and will fit in small spaces for easy storage.

These models are not associated with any drive medical pedal exercisers or mini peddlers.


Reviews for the pedal exercisers average out to a solid 4/5 stars. Med Shop and Beyond strives to improve the product based off feedback received from all customers. 

How to Buy the Pedal Exerciser:

Simply browse through our website and locate the pedal exerciser that fits your needs. Want a pedal exerciser with digital display and the ability to be folder? Choose the Eva medical digital display pedal exerciser. Want a regular pedal exerciser fully assembled? Choose our regular and customer favorite Eva medical pedal exerciser.

Simply add the items to your cart, fill out the necessary information, and the item will be shipped to you. Our shipping and delivery speed is extremely fast and one of the best in the market. You should receive your items within 3 business days and shipping is absolutely free unless you want the order expedited.

These pedal exerciser models are not sold at walgreens, CVS, walmart, target, k-mart, Costco, medshop pharmacy, medical supply stores, med shop plus or, sports authority, and dick's sporting goods. These units are only sold on and

Other information:

Instructions for a good workout with the pedal exerciser is provided in the package. You can always do more research but the item is as seen on television. There are videos on youtube showing usage of the item and comparisons with bikes at the gym. It is perfect for rehabilitation and physical therapy at a very affordable price. The item is extremely durable and quiet during exercise. You can use it at the office, in your home, and other places. Most people use it under their desks at work. Pedal exercisers are excellent machines for knee rehab and after knee replacement surgeries. There's no real exerciser guide attached to the item and the number of calories burned is highly dependent on the consistency of usage. The item can also be used for wheelchair patients and those who unfortunately have suffered from strokes. The effectiveness of the pedal exercisers is great and you will see results within a few months if used consistently. It is a good workout for adults and for kids.

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